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How does an ADU help your home?

Having an ADU built into your property, not only gives you added space, potential tax deductions, or increase your properties value, it gives you an opportunity to make passive income by renting it out. Thanks to some bills passed in California, your garage can be converted into an additional unit, or you can have one added into your backyard.

So how do you build or even get started with an ADU? The first step could be left to you to handle, or you can hire a contractor to do this on your behalf. Go down to your city office and ask for their guidelines for ADU’s and the paperwork needed for it. After acquiring the documents or hiring a contractor to get them on your behalf, complete them and submit the application for the initial permits.

After permits are granted, you will need to hire an architect to draw up all the plans needed, especially for running all lines needed. Then take those plans to the city for approval. After those are approved, you will need floor plans done by your contractor to submit to the city.

Once those are accepted, you can start building! Make sure you coordinate with your contractor throughout the build process. And be prepared for all of the inspections that would be done by the city to make sure you are building to code. During the final touches of your ADU, there are some things to keep in mind. Keep the build budget as low as possible in cost from who you hire, to the fixtures you choose to be installed.

As mentioned before, there are several things you can do with an ADU for passive income, tax benefits, and much more. To know if you can build an ADU, send us an email and we can give you the additional ADU benefits or a free estimate so you can begin making passive income!

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Thank you Jason and your crew for finishing up our ADU in Laguna Beach! It came out fantastic! And huge shoutout to Jason directly for being very detailed and patient with us when going through the entire process! Now our clients can rent out the ADU for some passive income!

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