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3 Must Do Home Improvement Projects!

There are several things that a you can do to remodel your home, but not everything increases a home's value, or adds visual appeal. If your trying to maximize the value of your home by doing home improvements around the house, here are some sure fire hitters that are guaranteed to increase home value, make your home more aesthetically pleasing, and give you a new comfort level.

The first thing on the list is a Kitchen update. Majority of people spend a lot of time in the kitchen of their homes, whether it's for cooking, eating dinner with family, or just lounging around from time to time. Today, the style that is in is the soft close cabinets and drawers that are paired along with a Calacatta quartz countertop. The color tones that are in for kitchens right now are dark colors with golden fixtures, or an off-white aesthetic.

The next thing on the list are the bathrooms. Aside from the kitchen, people are usually always spending their time in the bathrooms. From tile flooring, to backsplash in a shower, to an above ground bathtub, or even a bidet, an aesthetically pleasing bathroom is the way to go!

And the last recommendation on the list, comes as a result because of the pandemic. Since several people are allowed to work from home now, a home office or study room is a must. Having a dedicated work space with unique custom shelving, a modern desk work area, can provide a whole different appeal to your home.

These 3 must have home improvement projects are great for yourself, but they also make your home visually appealing to other people if they are in the market to buy!

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